Pianology is the antidote for the out of tune piano

Client Notes

Here is what a few customers have said about my work…

The Holburne Museum has the Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano that was selected by Sergei Rachmaninov (1873-1943) from the stock at Steinway's in London for his personal use at the concerts he gave in Britain.

The Holburne Museum is pleased to be using the friendly and professional services of Steve Burden in tuning and maintaining this piano. As he has an impressive depth of piano-knowledge, we are confident that the care and maintenance of this wonderful piano is in a safe pair of hands.

Since its arrival at the Museum in 1977 the piano has delighted many audiences during countless concerts. We are sure this will be the case for many years to come.

Katie Jenkins
Communications Officer, The Holburne Museum of Art, Bath

Steve has had responsibility for tuning my pianos for over 15 years. First he looked after a Bechstein for me and now a Steinway which I bought recently, initially on his recommendation. Because of his high standard of work he now tunes pianos for 30 of my friends, pupils and colleagues, all of whom like myself would not have anyone else to care for their instruments. He is a skilled craftsman and I recommend him highly.

Ann Leggett BA ARCM
Piano teacher

I am pleased to have this opportunity to highly recommend Steve Burden as an excellent piano tuner and repairer. He has provided first class support to my work as a private teacher for many years and has given freely of his time to advise on the purchase of instruments required by my students. In addition, Steve has maintained my pupils' pianos to a high standard, visiting my area of Wiltshire, termly. In the event of emergencies, there is always a quick and positive response. Steve is a knowledgeable and skilful piano technician without whose expertise I could not operate so effectively as a professional teacher. His reliability is unquestionable and I consider him to be a highly valued friend and colleague.

Mary New
Former Music Adviser for Wiltshire
Ofsted Inspector
Professional Musician R.C.M.
Member I.S.M.

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